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I am Jann Segal, world traveler extraordinaire. I have been to 99 countries worldwide and 48 states in the US. I have both an MA and BA in English, a BS (equivalent)  in Accounting,  and spent  23 of my 35 professional years as an independent consultant in all aspects of Information Technology. I have traveled largely independently but have lately been doing quite a bit of travel with tour companies like Grand  CircleTravel, Overseas Adventure Travel, Gate 1 Travel , and Odysseys Unlimited. I like what group travel has to offer, but I love adding my own touch of independent travel either before or after the trip. I began traveling nearly 50 years ago, and in between my college career and my professional career I soon learned that travel was a lifelong passion. It helped that my family was in the travel business, and the “travel gene” comes from my mother’s side of the family.

When I began group travel, I started  both reading and writing on the Overseas Adventure Travel Forum, and soon realized that the Forum readers wanted to learn  about my extensive independent travel experiences that went well beyond what group travel had to offer. In addition, thanks to technology, I used the Forum during my travels, writing my daily impressions about both my independent and group travel experiences. My impressions were what I liked to write about; not the day-to-day activities. I loved finding a social and even political perspective during my travels, and understanding upon reflection how the locals responded to their daily environment. My personal blog articles reflect this. In addition to travel tips and reflections on the people I encountered, I often write highly focused articles. I wrote one article just about pomegranate salad dressing in Turkey, and another on the  famous cats of  Ephesus!  Often these are articles that travelers want to read in addition to travel tips.

Throughout these blog articles and pages I wrote after my travels, I include the best ways to travel to certain destinations based on my experience, and companies that have helped me have that experience.  I do not have any relationships with these companies outside of being a customer and being active on their forums if they have one.

 Overseas Adventure Travel and Grand Circle Travel publish my writing regularly for their online publication The Inside Scoop. Below are some samples:

Pomegranate Seed Oil : A Turkish Delight

A Musical Tour of Ljublijana, Slovenia

The Human Connection

If These Clothes Could Talk

Travel with a Vengance

Traveling to Observe Traditions

A Glimpse into Central America

The Cultural Crossroads of Morocco

Hanoi Above and Beyond

The Magical, Mystical , Musical Soul of India

Sharing the Love for Travel on Zoom

 What I Learned During my Coronavirus Vacation

Of Travel and Timelessness

When the Serengeti Comes Calling

International Travel News (ITN) has featured my writing a number of times. Here are three of my feature articles:

Exploring South Africa Malaria Free

Using a Variety of Travel Resources to Design an Outstanding Trip to Asia at an Unbelievable Price

Meaningful Personal Interactions Enhance Two European Tours

On my blog I  have added a page for Tour Providers with the associated links for each. I have also learned that when I blog online or publish my articles using social or print media, it sells trips for those providers I have mentioned using. So if you are a travel provider and I use your services or am considering it, please contact me at  . Any article I publish online will be shared via my private Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Its never been so easy to travel the world and let others know what they are missing by not leaving their comfort zones. I haven’t seen the entire world yet, but one might say its on my list… 

” We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

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