Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs

I have come to learn throughout my travels that tourists are interested in graveyards. This would surely not be my first point of entry in any country, but I have visited them. One time in Aruba on an island tour, we strolled around the graveyard and I had a premonition about my father’s impending death,Continue reading “Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs”

Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers

I have never been a big fan or birding. I have been on trips with Overseas Adventure Travel with those who have brought along birding books and have shared with each other what birds they saw and where. I’ve looked at these interactions with interest, in the Peruvian Amazon and Iceland for instance, both areasContinue reading “Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers”

Understanding The Contradiction that is Central America

I was recently in Central America with Overseas AdventureTravel on their trip, Route of the Maya. This is a wonderful trip for anyone wanting to explore Central America for the first time. For me however, it was my fourth time back there, and my goal was to finish seeing the rest of the Central American countries I hadContinue reading “Understanding The Contradiction that is Central America”

What’s Cooking in Central America – Exploring the Local Food

I knew I was in for a treat in Central America when I was flying to Managua for two weeks of independent travel before joining the Overseas Adventure Travel tour, Route of the Maya. I should have known that I was in for some interesting food when I was talking to a Nicaraguan woman next to meContinue reading “What’s Cooking in Central America – Exploring the Local Food”

Traveling to Observe Traditions – Kites, Fireworks and Pottery in Guatemala

On a recent trip I took to Guatemala with OverseasAdventure Travel, their marvelous Route of the Maya adventure, our group had the experience – and privilege – of observing the people uphold some of their oldest and most cherished traditions; kite making, firework making , and pottery making. And we were able to experience this all in oneContinue reading “Traveling to Observe Traditions – Kites, Fireworks and Pottery in Guatemala”

Exploring The Benches and Fences of Central America

On a recent trip to Central America with Overseas Adventure Travel, on their wonderful Route of the Maya adventure, I got caught up in noticing benches – yes, benches. Why would something as simple as a bench catch my attention, I was asked. Well, I figured that after I took enough photos of benches, I would figure itContinue reading “Exploring The Benches and Fences of Central America”

Sightseeing The Volcanoes of Central America

Volcanos are a fact of life in Central America, a part of the world that has seen its share of natural beauty and natural disasters. This part of the hemisphere is actually part of the Ring of Fire, since so many volcanoes dot the landscape, and number in  the 20s in El Salvador, Guatemala and NicaraguaContinue reading “Sightseeing The Volcanoes of Central America”

Paradoxes in Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala

There are many times when we travel that we encounter the uncomfortable. It can be a part of history that may have affected our own lives, like the concentration camps In Germany or Poland. Or it can be an entire county like Vietnam, where we may have lost loved ones, or just know from livingContinue reading “Paradoxes in Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala”

Explore the Treat that is Copan, Honduras

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones to have an unforgettable experience. I have heard many things about Honduras over the years. About the beauty and murders. And the contradiction that is Central America, since Honduras can boast having a city that is the murder capital of the world. . But whenContinue reading “Explore the Treat that is Copan, Honduras”

Celebrate Cultural Connections: Women Preserving their Heritage

I observe when I travel. It is part of my sightseeing experience, but more often part of my post –trip reflections. I have felt the tears of history in Vietnam; observed how clotheslines can reflect how an entire society lives all over the world, and very particularly in India; and beyond doubt, how women preserveContinue reading “Celebrate Cultural Connections: Women Preserving their Heritage”