Travel off the Beaten Path to Caral, Peru

If you want to travel off the beaten path in Peru, book a day trip to Caral. The 4 hour drive from Lima is long, but you get to see a different part of Peru that not many get to see. Tours typically start at 6am and end at 6pm, with a stop in a nice little town forContinue reading “Travel off the Beaten Path to Caral, Peru”

Lima: Enjoy a Restaurant with a View

Planning a trip to Peru to see the sights but don’t want to mess with the altitude of Machu Picchu? There is plenty to see in and around Lima that will more than satisfy your curiosity for archeological sites. A drive to the city of Caral four hours north of Lima, takes you through some amazing moonscape toContinue reading “Lima: Enjoy a Restaurant with a View”

Explore the Artistic Sights of Vibrant Colombia

There is a legend in the Andes about a beautiful princess who was whisked away by a Condor never to return. I think that story can apply to the spirit of any traveler. You can visit a county and be whisked away by the power and purpose of old traditions and symbols of the country,Continue reading “Explore the Artistic Sights of Vibrant Colombia”

Experience the Peruvian Amazon at Night

A trip to the the Peruvian Amazon is a trip of quiet riverboat luxury, adventure, and unexpectedly delightful sights and sounds. This author traveled with OverseasAdventure Travel on their Amazon River Cruise and Rainforest trip in July of 2014. As with any OAT trip, there are always wonderful surprises lurking. On this trip, it was at the endContinue reading “Experience the Peruvian Amazon at Night”

Enjoy some local color right off the coast of Lima

If you want to really take a drive off the beaten path in Lima visit the fishing village of Pucusan in the Pucuscana district, one of the 43 districts that constitute Lima. It is a great stop to visit any time of year, and has views which overlook all of Lima’s coast line. The amount of pelicans you will seeContinue reading “Enjoy some local color right off the coast of Lima”

Enjoy Colorful Colombian Street Art

I was expecting to see the Coffee Triangle when I went to Colombia with Overseas Adventure Travel on their trip Colombia: Coffee Triangle and Colonial Jewels. And I knew I was in for a few days at the Caribbean in Cartegena. But never did I expect to see the vibrant colors of this country expressed as street art inContinue reading “Enjoy Colorful Colombian Street Art”

Colombia: A History of Violence, A Country Renewed

Colombia is a country still recovering from a violent past, with children looking forward to a more vibrant and better future. Nowhere was this more visible than in District 13 in Medellin, where we visited people and saw vestiges of the drug cartel days alongside the much newer and certainly more vibrant public transportation systemContinue reading “Colombia: A History of Violence, A Country Renewed”

Acclimating in the Andes

I have always had a problem with attitude. On one solo trip, I went from sea level to 11,000 feet without realizing It, and paid for it dearly with a blinding headache for three days. The only cure was to get to a lower elevation every day. This experience obviously put a damper on highContinue reading “Acclimating in the Andes”