Getting Lost in the Historical Landscapes of Bohemia

I have been traveling for over 50 years, and I get lost everywhere I go. I admit it freely. I adore geography, but don’t count on me or even follow me with a street map in my hands. But give me history on a trip, and I get lost in the learning in a wayContinue reading “Getting Lost in the Historical Landscapes of Bohemia”

Finding Peace, Love, and a Pub in Prague

Travel is the color of love. It’s the one event in our lives that is a tapestry of the sights, sounds, smells, foods, music, colors and local people. Every trip I take must be divinely inspired. At  the end of whatever the road, there is always a surprise to learn from, a joy to experience, orContinue reading “Finding Peace, Love, and a Pub in Prague”

Exploring Two Basilicas in Italy, Two Synagogues in Prague

I recently embarked on two sharply different trips with Overseas Adventure Travel. It was supposed to be a 5-week exploration or Eastern and Central Europe with two different OAT trips. However, thanks to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and my own post pandemic flexibility, I returned to Italy just a few months after myContinue reading “Exploring Two Basilicas in Italy, Two Synagogues in Prague”

Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1

While on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Jewels of the Bohemia, I was extremely interested in meeting some of the Ukrainian refugees, in whatever form was possible. I understood it was a sensitive situation, and certainly I did not necessarily expect many to speak English. My trip leader accommodated my unusual request at the endContinue reading “Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1”

Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe

When I was in Europe recently with Overseas Adventure Travel, I took the Central Europe trip Jewels of the Bohemia. On that trip, I finally saw the memorial stones to those lost in the Holocaust that I had heard so much about over the years. They have a German name, stolperstein, or stolpersteine for theContinue reading “Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe”

Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth

I’ve always known that when we travel, if we are paying attention, we can explore a deeper truth about humanity, history, and even how geography helps us get to the bottom of this truth. On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Central Europe, Jewels of the Bohemia, I saw both the best and the worstContinue reading “Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth”

Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished

As a traveler, my heart is broken as the war in Ukraine rages on. I had to move the dates for my Baltic Capitols and St Petersburg trip three times because of the pandemic. I wasn’t so sure their Covid recovery rate would allow the trip to go this year, but Putin did what CovidContinue reading “Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”

Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Take a Music Walking Tour

If planning a trip to any of the Eastern European capitals that were once part of the former Yugoslavia, one must-see city is Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is charming beyond belief, everyone speaks beautiful English, and it sits at the crossroads of more cultural influences than most people are aware of. Besides the influence of theContinue reading “Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Take a Music Walking Tour”

Visit the Adriatic in the Autumn and Winter to see Stunning Colors and Sights

For travelers who do not get to experience autumn colors in the fall or holiday markets in the winter, one great way to do this is to visit the former Yugoslavia in Central Europe in October or November. The beauty of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia is breathtaking in the fall, and the winter ChristmasContinue reading “Visit the Adriatic in the Autumn and Winter to see Stunning Colors and Sights”

Visit Bosnia and see Vestiges of the Bosnian War

Bosnia and Herzegovina, or just Bosnia for short, is a fascinating tourist destination, newly emerging as a country to visit after years of war. Signs of the war from the 1990’s are everywhere, with bullet holes remaining in many of the buildings in Bosnia’s largest city of Sarajevo, as well as other cities where the war tookContinue reading “Visit Bosnia and see Vestiges of the Bosnian War”

Explore New Ways to Travel with Farm stays and Home stays

International travelers are being exposed to a new concept in accommodations around the world: farm stays and homestays. Put simply, this is like Air B n B with an extra twist, since the family actually engages with their guests and gets to know them, even arranging activities for them in some cases. Farm stays areContinue reading “Explore New Ways to Travel with Farm stays and Home stays”

Explore Illustrious Istria

For travelers with a true wanderlust, Istria and the Istrian Peninsula can be a revelation. It can be explored from both Croatia as well as Slovenia, and both sides of Istria are unique. It also has a beautiful Adriatic coastline in Trieste, which is a very industrial Italian city, and one where locals from theContinue reading “Explore Illustrious Istria”

Enjoy Three of Europe’s Most Beautiful Destinations

Dubrovnik’s Adriatic Coast Dubrovnik, Croatia has a coastline along the Adriatic which is part of the Mediterranean. It is part of the former Yugoslavia, but there are many vestiges of a Venetian influence, when Venice was not part of Italy. And geographically it’s just across the Adriatic from Italy. So it is no surprise that thisContinue reading “Enjoy Three of Europe’s Most Beautiful Destinations”