Connecting in Israel

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us, universe, a part limited in time and space.” Albert Einstein The tiny country of Israel can expose any traveler to the universe of humanity from the world’s major religions and from there we learn: the universe of the spiritual and religious: the universe ofContinue reading “Connecting in Israel”

Enjoying Hibiscus Tea in Egypt

When I took the trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile with Overseas Adventure Travel, I had two days on my own before joining the group. These two days afforded me time to see the pyramids at Saqqara and Dasher with a private guide, experience the uniqueness of Garbage City in Cairo, and enjoy as drinkContinue reading “Enjoying Hibiscus Tea in Egypt”

Exploring the Middle East: Mankind’s Invention? A Tale of Two Countries

Ever since the first time I was in Israel to celebrate turning 40, I commented that if Israel didn’t exist, someone would invent it. That’s how powerfully it seems mankind needs to have conflict. We will create it if it isn’t there. Israel and its long and often tortured history is there to remind usContinue reading “Exploring the Middle East: Mankind’s Invention? A Tale of Two Countries”

Traveling the Middle East and Meeting the Guy with the Gun

During my recent travels with Overseas Adventure Travel to the Middle East, in Egypt, Jordan and Israel, there was a been a character following me around the  trip in all three countries. It’s a different person every time of course, but he has been ever present.  He helped us cross our first street in Cairo,Continue reading “Traveling the Middle East and Meeting the Guy with the Gun”

Of Travel and Timelessness

My name is Jann Segal, and I’m a travel addict. There, I said it. Writing is my twelve – step program, and thankfully, it’s not been working. I’ve given myself over to the higher power of travel and the tour companies who entice me. They constantly triumph, and I’m delighted with the outcome. But like anyContinue reading “Of Travel and Timelessness”

Learning to Love Olive Oil in Israel

I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Israel: The Holy Land and Time less Cultures as part of a 45-day sojourn in the Middle East. OAT specializes in family visits and meeting locals as part of each itinerary. On this trip in particular, the locals we met and the meals we had with them were not only truly authentic,Continue reading “Learning to Love Olive Oil in Israel”

Exploring the Treasures of Luxor

When I went on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, the most incredible of the sights we saw were in Luxor. This included the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the Karnak Temples.  Our small ship up the Nile was headed North, so this was a great way to end the base trip beforeContinue reading “Exploring the Treasures of Luxor”

Exploring the Middle East and Finding Myself off the Beaten Path…and on the Fringes

Everyone goes to the Middle East to explore the antiquities, the world class sites such as Petra, the Pyramids, the Western Wall. I had been to Israel independently 25 years ago and promised myself a return trip. Back then, I also took a day strip to the Saini from Eliat and saw only a tinyContinue reading “Exploring the Middle East and Finding Myself off the Beaten Path…and on the Fringes”

Exploring Jordan: Amman, Jerash

I had very little expectation of  what to see during my one week of travels  in  Jordan, which was a pre-trip to the Overseas AdventureTravels Israel trip, The Holy Land and Timeless Cultures. Of course, I was very excited at the thought of seeing Petra. After having just spent three weeks in Egypt on their trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, I was asContinue reading “Exploring Jordan: Amman, Jerash”

Exploring Cairo in Depth

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Egypt and the Eternal Nile, I spent a few extra days in Cairo before the start of the trip. I personally found chaotic Cairo to be a highlight, along with Luxor and Aswan. I had a nice half day independent tour of some unusual things my first morning and saw thingsContinue reading “Exploring Cairo in Depth”

Exploring Alexandria

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, at the end of the base trip we left the hustle and bustle of Cairo for the hustle and bustle of the post trip in Alexandria. It’s really a hopping resort town, albeit rundown by the elements and lack of money to improve the housing.Continue reading “Exploring Alexandria”

Explore Jordan and the Wonders of Petra

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travels Israel trip, The Holy Land and Timeless Cultures, I also took the pre-trip to Jordan. Of particular interest was the two nights and one full day we spent at Petra. It was a fascinating set of Nabataean tombs, possibly established in 9,000 B.C. as a capital city. Of course, hiking to theContinue reading “Explore Jordan and the Wonders of Petra”

Explore Israel and the Sacred Spaces in Jerusalem

Israel is filed with synagogues, churches and mosques everywhere (although most of the mosques will be in Palestinian territories). There is even the Bhai Center in Haifa. But a visitor to Jerusalem who is willing to take the time regardless of their religion, will be treated to some amazing experiences. I went there with Overseas AdventureContinue reading “Explore Israel and the Sacred Spaces in Jerusalem”