Visit Omaha: Union Station, Beatles Tourism and All

 Nebraska is not first on everyone’s travel to-do list by far. It is not even second. However, if planning a trip to America’s heartland, Omaha is a must. There is fine food, beautiful homes and mansions worth driving past, and museums that will delight even the most discerning museum-goer. It is not New York CityContinue reading “Visit Omaha: Union Station, Beatles Tourism and All”

Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano

There is so much to see and do in Phoenix that is cultural. You can mix culture with a little Beatles tourism by visiting the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).The piano that John Lennon used to compose “Imagine” is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix. It is not the white Baby Grand piano he used when making the video. That piano isContinue reading “Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano”

Visit the Dwight Eisenhower Library in Kansas

A visit to the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas feels like a visit to the Twilight Zone and the 1950s. Once on Eisenhower/Buckeye Blvd, the 21st century is gone. This is not only evident at the Eisenhower Library, but upon visiting the small town of Abilene itself. The library and museum is in aContinue reading “Visit the Dwight Eisenhower Library in Kansas”

Visit FDR’s Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY

Franklin D. Roosevelt conceived the idea for the first presidential library to house all his papers and make them available to the pubic while he was president. It was one of the many trends he set throughout his four terms in office, and eventually led to the 1955 Presidential Library Act. The FDR Presidential Library and Museum and theContinue reading “Visit FDR’s Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY”

Visit the Truman Presidential Library in Independence

The Harry Truman Presidential Library is worth a visit to Independence, Missouri, about a half hour outside of Kansas City.. Independence is a quaint town, where the visitor goes back in time by just being there. The library and museum itself are on sprawling grounds. The interior is sleek and modern, and conveys much about Truman’s presidency. AsContinue reading “Visit the Truman Presidential Library in Independence”

Visit Pier 39 in San Francisco and See the Sea Lions

San Francisco is a delight to visit any time of year. It is especially nice however, when the weather is bright and sunny, and the many sights are available to enjoy. One such sight is Pier 39  on Fisherman’s’ Wharf, where the seals can be found all day long. Pier 39 is also known for the SeaContinue reading “Visit Pier 39 in San Francisco and See the Sea Lions”

Visit North Dakota: Its Not Just Used for Storage!

Nobody thinks there is much to see in North Dakota. In fact, many people who have only seen 49 of the 50 states, have done so because they missed seeing North Dakota when they had the chance on a South Dakota vacation. So if you plan to go to South Dakota anyway, fly into Bismarck, NorthContinue reading “Visit North Dakota: Its Not Just Used for Storage!”

Visit America’s Presidential Libraries for a Grade A History Lesson

America’s Presidential Libraries and Museums are unique to our country. However, the 13 libraries and museums that are in the presidential library system (Lincoln’s has not been added but is great to visit so has been included here), provide a peek into the past of these amazing men, their times, and the challenges they faced. They alsoContinue reading “Visit America’s Presidential Libraries for a Grade A History Lesson”