Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano

Photo: Jann Segal

There is so much to see and do in Phoenix that is cultural. You can mix culture with a little Beatles tourism by visiting the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).The piano that John Lennon used to compose “Imagine” is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix. It is not the white Baby Grand piano he used when making the video. That piano is on display at the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool. This more modest Steinway is part of a private collection and is in the Artists Gallery at MIM.

MIM is a great tourist destination all by itself. It houses over 6,000 different instruments from 200 countries and territories around the world. It showcases them in over 360 different exhibits, and includes special exhibitions, as well as the famed Artist Gallery, Experience Gallery (for children), and more. For people who love both music and travel, it is a dream come true. The upper floor is divided by continent, and for each continent, each country is represented. Each country’s exhibit includes displays for the various musical instruments indigenous in that country, as well as audio and video footage of locals performing the instruments. Headsets have their  own built in tracking system, and the sound changes seamlessly and automatically as you move from exhibit to exhibit. You just need to enjoy the sights and sounds, and learn about these wonderful instruments. A map graces the wall for each country as you visit the exhibition so you can put it in geographical context. One of the common phrases you will see at MIM is that “music is the language the soul”. Your soul will indeed be stirred as you experience the music and instrument of each country. Click here for current times and prices, as well as general visitor information.

And don’t forget to pay John Lennon’s piano a visit on the ground floor, along with the instruments of many other well-known artists. They are accessible to us all for learning and listening. Imagine.


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