Exploring Southern Italy and Sicily

I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Sicily’s Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions and gained tremendous depth and insight into Southern Italy and Sicily. I’ve written about much of it, but there were some additionally special moments on that trip. OAT also offers another trip , Southern Italy and Sicily that includes some of theContinue reading “Exploring Southern Italy and Sicily”

Visiting the Tanneries in Fez, Morocco

Author Edith Warton wrote, “To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.”  Morocco is indeed a tapestry of woven sites, colors, exotic aromas, north African sounds, and a history as rich as their food is wonderful. Curious travelers will look atContinue reading “Visiting the Tanneries in Fez, Morocco”

Learning About Women’s Healthcare in Morocco

One of the hallmarks of taking a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel is meeting the people. We learn so much from these cultural interactions and often our lives can be forever changed from these encounters. I will never forget the woman I met in Vietnam who looked at me and simply said, “I want yourContinue reading “Learning About Women’s Healthcare in Morocco”

Getting Lost in the Historical Landscapes of Bohemia

I have been traveling for over 50 years, and I get lost everywhere I go. I admit it freely. I adore geography, but don’t count on me or even follow me with a street map in my hands. But give me history on a trip, and I get lost in the learning in a wayContinue reading “Getting Lost in the Historical Landscapes of Bohemia”

Connecting in Israel

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us, universe, a part limited in time and space.” Albert Einstein The tiny country of Israel can expose any traveler to the universe of humanity from the world’s major religions and from there we learn: the universe of the spiritual and religious: the universe ofContinue reading “Connecting in Israel”

Finding Peace, Love, and a Pub in Prague

Travel is the color of love. It’s the one event in our lives that is a tapestry of the sights, sounds, smells, foods, music, colors and local people. Every trip I take must be divinely inspired. At  the end of whatever the road, there is always a surprise to learn from, a joy to experience, orContinue reading “Finding Peace, Love, and a Pub in Prague”

Understanding Southern Justice on a Civil Rights Journey in Mississippi

One thing that came as a complete surprise to me when I took the Grand Circle Travel trip Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey, was the role Jackson State University took in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, the fight for justice, and how the struggle thee continues today. In fact, everything aboutContinue reading “Understanding Southern Justice on a Civil Rights Journey in Mississippi”

Letting Freedom Ring: Understanding the Struggle for Freedom in the Deep South

Author Henry Miller once wrote, ” One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” That was certainly the case when I took the Grand Circle Travel trip Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey. Of the 48 states I have visited, getting a full dose of the struggles of theContinue reading “Letting Freedom Ring: Understanding the Struggle for Freedom in the Deep South”

Meeting the Maasai Tribes of East Africa: A Diamond in the Rough

I don’t live an ordinary life. I have been blessed to be able to travel the world, so I live an extraordinary one. I was reminded of this when I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Safari Serengeti. The pre-trip to the Maasai Mara game reserve and meeting and learning about this distinct tribe ofContinue reading “Meeting the Maasai Tribes of East Africa: A Diamond in the Rough”

Exploring: Three Days in Nairobi

I recently took the Overseas Adventure Travel Trip, Safari Serengeti with the Kenya pre-trip. I really enjoy seeing a country in depth, as well enjoying what additional new countries have to offer that I can see as part of my travels. I wavered between boking this trip or their alternate East Africa trip that goesContinue reading “Exploring: Three Days in Nairobi”

Traveling to Become Inspired

I just returned from the Grand Circle Travel trip to Alabama and Mississippi Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey. I had so many moments of inspiration on that trip – especially considering that I had lived through the tumult of the Civil Rights movement and had even met some major players – that IContinue reading “Traveling to Become Inspired”

Spending a Divine Day in Zanzibar’s Paradise

I spent a wonderful day in the Paradise that is Zanzibar’s Fumba beach on the post trip to the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Safari Serengeti. The entire trip was wonderful, but our three days on Fumba beach which followed two days in and around Stone Town – and this day in particular – was anContinue reading “Spending a Divine Day in Zanzibar’s Paradise”

Visit Zanzibar and See How it Will Rock You

Zanzibar. An exotic sounding destination in East Africa off the Indian ocean.  A land filled with monkeys of two species, a multitude of butterflies, and spices originally brought from India by the Portuguese. A land once ruled by the Sultan of Oman who brought with him Muslim influence in a territory that was simultaneously aContinue reading “Visit Zanzibar and See How it Will Rock You”

Discovering Kenya and Tanzania Up Close

When I took the trip Safari Serengeti with Overseas Adventure Travel, I must have taken almost two thousand photos between my stand-alone camera and my cell phone camera. I was on the pre-trip in Kenya as well as the post-trip to Zanzibar, yet what stands out among all the photos are the close-range shots IContinue reading “Discovering Kenya and Tanzania Up Close”

When the Serengeti Comes Calling

Sometimes when traveling, you must break the rules and push your boundaries beyond your regular limits  in order to truly appreciate the world. This is what I learned during my first full year of post- pandemic travel.  I had five trips on the books with Overseas Adventure Travel, including Safari Serengeti, and a two-week independentContinue reading “When the Serengeti Comes Calling”

Enjoying Hibiscus Tea in Egypt

When I took the trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile with Overseas Adventure Travel, I had two days on my own before joining the group. These two days afforded me time to see the pyramids at Saqqara and Dasher with a private guide, experience the uniqueness of Garbage City in Cairo, and enjoy as drinkContinue reading “Enjoying Hibiscus Tea in Egypt”

Enjoying the Taste of Tuscany at Home

When I was on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland, I experienced more food and wine delights then I ever have on any other trip. Or rather, delights that were explained and enumerated, not simply enjoyed at mealtimes. Our trip to the Pruneti olive oil facility in the Chianti regionContinue reading “Enjoying the Taste of Tuscany at Home”

Enjoying the Floral Surprises of Spello, Italy

When I was on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Tuscany and Umbria; Italy’s Rustic Heartland, we stayed in Spoleto while on the Umbria portion of the trip. We had an optional evening of folk music in the nearby town of Spello, but the flowers that graced that walled in city was music to my eyes.Continue reading “Enjoying the Floral Surprises of Spello, Italy”

Discovering Michelangelo’s Marble in Carrera

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland, I expected many things the region is famous for, all of which I experienced. But it is the unexpected discoveries that remain with a traveler, and which turn an excellent trip into an outstanding one. So it was in Carrera, anContinue reading “Discovering Michelangelo’s Marble in Carrera”

Exploring Two Basilicas in Italy, Two Synagogues in Prague

I recently embarked on two sharply different trips with Overseas Adventure Travel. It was supposed to be a 5-week exploration or Eastern and Central Europe with two different OAT trips. However, thanks to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and my own post pandemic flexibility, I returned to Italy just a few months after myContinue reading “Exploring Two Basilicas in Italy, Two Synagogues in Prague”

Enjoying Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, and Prosciutto in Parma

On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland, we were treated to many fabulous food experiences, including learning how some of their great food is made in Parma. While on the pre-trip prior to the main trip, we learned and saw first-hand how Parmesan cheese and their additionally famous Balsamic Vinegar areContinue reading “Enjoying Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, and Prosciutto in Parma”

Listening to Tuscany’s Most Famous Musical Sons

Tuscany. Land of food and wine. Balsamic vinegar. And world class composers, conductors, and singers. The musical aspect of Tuscany was a sheer delight for this former musician, when I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Italy, Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland. The native sons we learned about from Tuscany were Luciano Pavarotti,Continue reading “Listening to Tuscany’s Most Famous Musical Sons”

Discovering Italy’s Capitol of Chocolate in Umbria

I took the trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland with Overseas Adventure Travel. It was undeniably a foodie tour which highlighted the geographical beauty of the region, the culture, and without a doubt, the food.   After we left the beauty of Tuscany, we drove through lush vegetation as the regions changed from Tuscany toContinue reading “Discovering Italy’s Capitol of Chocolate in Umbria”

Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1

While on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Jewels of the Bohemia, I was extremely interested in meeting some of the Ukrainian refugees, in whatever form was possible. I understood it was a sensitive situation, and certainly I did not necessarily expect many to speak English. My trip leader accommodated my unusual request at the endContinue reading “Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1”

Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe

When I was in Europe recently with Overseas Adventure Travel, I took the Central Europe trip Jewels of the Bohemia. On that trip, I finally saw the memorial stones to those lost in the Holocaust that I had heard so much about over the years. They have a German name, stolperstein, or stolpersteine for theContinue reading “Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe”

Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth

I’ve always known that when we travel, if we are paying attention, we can explore a deeper truth about humanity, history, and even how geography helps us get to the bottom of this truth. On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Central Europe, Jewels of the Bohemia, I saw both the best and the worstContinue reading “Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth”

Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished

As a traveler, my heart is broken as the war in Ukraine rages on. I had to move the dates for my Baltic Capitols and St Petersburg trip three times because of the pandemic. I wasn’t so sure their Covid recovery rate would allow the trip to go this year, but Putin did what CovidContinue reading “Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”

Reflecting on Volcanoes, Pomegranates, and Moorish Heads in Sicily

During my recent trip with Overseas Adventure Travel called Sicily: Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions, I came away with many great learning experiences. But three of them which were unexpected were seeing and experiencing such a magnificent volcano, the cultural influence of pomegranates and pinecones, and the story behind the all-pervasive Moorish Heads. Mt EtnaContinue reading “Reflecting on Volcanoes, Pomegranates, and Moorish Heads in Sicily”

Learning and Discovery in Sicily’s Last Arab Casbah

One of the most intriguing parts of the Sicily trip I rook with Overseas Adventure Travel called Sicily: Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions, was the time we spent in the old Tunisian Casbah in the fishing port of Mazara del Vallo on the West coast of Sicily. Our day wandering the Casbah and enjoying theContinue reading “Learning and Discovery in Sicily’s Last Arab Casbah”

Learning in Italy about the Sweetness of Doing Nothing

In Italy there is the concept of dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing. The Italians claim to be masters at it. I enjoyed some of it on my own during rainy days in Matera in Southern Italy and other times in Sicily. I much prefer the Italian description rather than the AmericanContinue reading “Learning in Italy about the Sweetness of Doing Nothing”

Olive Oil Production in Southern Italy and Pure Italian Joy

I learned a lot when I was in the Puglia region of Southern Italy as part of the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Sicily: Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions. The pre-trip to the main Sicily trip is in the “heel” of Italy, and includes exploring the ancient city of Matera, and the more modern city ofContinue reading “Olive Oil Production in Southern Italy and Pure Italian Joy”

Visiting Sicily’s World War Two Landing Museum

On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Sicily: Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions, one real highlight for me was visiting the World War Two Landing Museum. This museum documents the invasion of Sicily by allied troops in 1943, an event that was a turning point for Sicily in the war and marked the beginning of theContinue reading “Visiting Sicily’s World War Two Landing Museum”

Exploring Sicily and Traveling thru Time

Time travel. That is what Sicily was with Overseas Adventure Travel, on their trip Sicily: Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions. For me, it had been exactly two years of no international travel due to the pandemic, so this added to my sense of time. In Italy it would have felt like traveling back in timeContinue reading “Exploring Sicily and Traveling thru Time”

Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs

I have come to learn throughout my travels that tourists are interested in graveyards. This would surely not be my first point of entry in any country, but I have visited them. One time in Aruba on an island tour, we strolled around the graveyard and I had a premonition about my father’s impending death,Continue reading “Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs”

Exploring the Crazy (and Floral) Uniqueness of Da Lat, Vietnam

A visit to Da Lat, Vietnam is a unique experience compared to rest of the country. I traveled to Vietnam with Overseas Adventure Travel on their tour Inside Vietnam, and Da Lat was a stand-out. This impression was due to a combination of factors, not the least of which was that it was relatively unscathedContinue reading “Exploring the Crazy (and Floral) Uniqueness of Da Lat, Vietnam”

Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers

I have never been a big fan or birding. I have been on trips with Overseas Adventure Travel with those who have brought along birding books and have shared with each other what birds they saw and where. I’ve looked at these interactions with interest, in the Peruvian Amazon and Iceland for instance, both areasContinue reading “Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers”

Exploring the Middle East: Mankind’s Invention? A Tale of Two Countries

Ever since the first time I was in Israel to celebrate turning 40, I commented that if Israel didn’t exist, someone would invent it. That’s how powerfully it seems mankind needs to have conflict. We will create it if it isn’t there. Israel and its long and often tortured history is there to remind usContinue reading “Exploring the Middle East: Mankind’s Invention? A Tale of Two Countries”

Learning About the Cats in Northern Africa

There are so many stray cats in North Africa, it reminded me of my travels to Turkey where we saw so many in Ephesus what were considered famous historically. So that got me thinking about he cats I saw in Morocco on the Overseas Adventure Travel Trip, Morocco’s Sahara Odyssey.  I wasn’t sure if theseContinue reading “Learning About the Cats in Northern Africa”

Mixing and Matching Travel Resources in Asia

I always said I would not write an article about how I effectively combine hotel and airlines points to create great trips. I figured that if I did, the travel industry would change how they do things to make it much more difficult. Well, they have started making things difficult anyway, so I figured thereContinue reading “Mixing and Matching Travel Resources in Asia”

Visit South Korea and Tour the DMZ in the North

A trip to South Korea is an exquisite experience, filled with cherry blossoms, grand palaces, handicraft streets and whole handicraft villages, as well as an amazing if not somewhat creepy availability to the DMZ of North Korea just an hour outside of Seoul. And a visit to the North Korean Demilitarized zone is indeed worth the effort. No dramatic changing of theContinue reading “Visit South Korea and Tour the DMZ in the North”

Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Take a Music Walking Tour

If planning a trip to any of the Eastern European capitals that were once part of the former Yugoslavia, one must-see city is Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is charming beyond belief, everyone speaks beautiful English, and it sits at the crossroads of more cultural influences than most people are aware of. Besides the influence of theContinue reading “Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Take a Music Walking Tour”

Visit Liverpool and See the Original Beatles Drum Kit

Planning a trip to Liverpool can be fun, especially if you are a Beatles  fan, where Liverpool now brings in over two billion a year as the capital of Beatles tourism. Most people make the trip as part of a longer trip to Europe in general or the United Kingdom in particular. The Liverpool portion of thisContinue reading “Visit Liverpool and See the Original Beatles Drum Kit”

Visit Kuala Lampur and see the Petronas Towers

One of the most interesting things to observe and explore on any trip are the landmarks. Some are unmistakable, some are magical, and some make it in movies and become the hallmark of the film. Kuala Lampur’s Petronas Towers are all three in one. They are one of the first things you see when you enterContinue reading “Visit Kuala Lampur and see the Petronas Towers”

Visit Nikko, Japan to Hear, See and Speak No Evil

The Japanese flock to Nikko, Japan especially on weekends. Yet very few American tours do. If planning a trip to Japan, this might just be the highlight of your trip, in an already extraordinary country. Nikko is less than two hours outside of Tokyo. It is at the entrance of Nikko National Park and has been aContinue reading “Visit Nikko, Japan to Hear, See and Speak No Evil”

Visit Malaysia and Feed the Elephants

In past years, elephants helped build Asia as part of a necessary transportation infrastructure. Over the years they have been abused. Many elephant orphanages and sanctuaries have sprung up in various countries to stem the abuse, but much of it still continues and only now is even recognized as abuse. In Thailand for instance, itContinue reading “Visit Malaysia and Feed the Elephants”

Visit India: An Emotional Experience Like No Other

So much has been written about travel to India it seemed there would be nothing new to write about after taking the Heart of India trip with Overseas Adventure Travel in November 2014. But India is a land of experiences. A land where the most unexpected and simple movement by a local can trigger an unforgettable memory thatContinue reading “Visit India: An Emotional Experience Like No Other”

Hanoi Above and Beyond

A trip to Hanoi, Vietnam is a journey unto itself, and one that will provide lasting memories. However, many tour groups often overlook some parts of Hanoi and surrounding areas that really delve into the nooks and crannies. There are many of course, and they are offered by many different companies. However, Vietnam Awesome Travel in the Old Quarter ofContinue reading “Hanoi Above and Beyond”

The Smart Traveler: Tips for How to Handle Jet Lag

The Smart Traveler: Tips for How to Handle Jet Lag How your body handles jet lag can make the difference between planning your next overseas adventure, or deciding to either travel in the US or not not travel at all. There are however, some very tried and true tricks for beating jet lag, especially onContinue reading “The Smart Traveler: Tips for How to Handle Jet Lag”

Visit the Exotic Temples of Khajuraho

India is perhaps better known for its temples and monuments than any other country in the world. While traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel on the Heart of India trip, weary travelers undertook a long train ride followed by a long bus ride along dry and dusty terrain without any real understanding of what the fuss wasContinue reading “Visit the Exotic Temples of Khajuraho”

Visit Bali and See Their Sacred Spaces

Indonesia is filled with many temple complexes, and you can certainly get “templed out” if you are not careful. The major temple complexes in Java, one Hindu and one Buddhist, are among the most important temple complexes in the world. In Balithere are thousands of temples and shrines, Hindu and Buddhist alike. A visit to these monuments will likely bringContinue reading “Visit Bali and See Their Sacred Spaces”

Exploring Turkey and the Cats of Ephesus

Turkey has many magical wonders to visit, many fascinating sights to behold. One of the most mysterious however, is when visiting the ruins at Ephesus. One thing that will astonish visitors in addition the biblical history and the astounding library on the premises, are the cats! So many cats at Ephesus! What is the story behind allContinue reading “Exploring Turkey and the Cats of Ephesus”

Visit the Adriatic in the Autumn and Winter to see Stunning Colors and Sights

For travelers who do not get to experience autumn colors in the fall or holiday markets in the winter, one great way to do this is to visit the former Yugoslavia in Central Europe in October or November. The beauty of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia is breathtaking in the fall, and the winter ChristmasContinue reading “Visit the Adriatic in the Autumn and Winter to see Stunning Colors and Sights”

Enjoy Bali and the Highlights of a Fire Dance

Bali is not a destination most Americans visit. In fact, the majority of English speaking foreigners there are from Australia. Americans should give this destination a second thought. On an airline like Taiwanese carrier EVA, it is easy to fly there with one change of planes, and from the West Coast there is literally noContinue reading “Enjoy Bali and the Highlights of a Fire Dance”

Travel off the Beaten Path to Caral, Peru

If you want to travel off the beaten path in Peru, book a day trip to Caral. The 4 hour drive from Lima is long, but you get to see a different part of Peru that not many get to see. Tours typically start at 6am and end at 6pm, with a stop in a nice little town forContinue reading “Travel off the Beaten Path to Caral, Peru”

Visit Omaha: Union Station, Beatles Tourism and All

 Nebraska is not first on everyone’s travel to-do list by far. It is not even second. However, if planning a trip to America’s heartland, Omaha is a must. There is fine food, beautiful homes and mansions worth driving past, and museums that will delight even the most discerning museum-goer. It is not New York CityContinue reading “Visit Omaha: Union Station, Beatles Tourism and All”

Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano

There is so much to see and do in Phoenix that is cultural. You can mix culture with a little Beatles tourism by visiting the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).The piano that John Lennon used to compose “Imagine” is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix. It is not the white Baby Grand piano he used when making the video. That piano isContinue reading “Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano”

Visit the Dwight Eisenhower Library in Kansas

A visit to the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas feels like a visit to the Twilight Zone and the 1950s. Once on Eisenhower/Buckeye Blvd, the 21st century is gone. This is not only evident at the Eisenhower Library, but upon visiting the small town of Abilene itself. The library and museum is in aContinue reading “Visit the Dwight Eisenhower Library in Kansas”

Visit FDR’s Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY

Franklin D. Roosevelt conceived the idea for the first presidential library to house all his papers and make them available to the pubic while he was president. It was one of the many trends he set throughout his four terms in office, and eventually led to the 1955 Presidential Library Act. The FDR Presidential Library and Museum and theContinue reading “Visit FDR’s Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY”

Visit the Truman Presidential Library in Independence

The Harry Truman Presidential Library is worth a visit to Independence, Missouri, about a half hour outside of Kansas City.. Independence is a quaint town, where the visitor goes back in time by just being there. The library and museum itself are on sprawling grounds. The interior is sleek and modern, and conveys much about Truman’s presidency. AsContinue reading “Visit the Truman Presidential Library in Independence”

Visit Pier 39 in San Francisco and See the Sea Lions

San Francisco is a delight to visit any time of year. It is especially nice however, when the weather is bright and sunny, and the many sights are available to enjoy. One such sight is Pier 39  on Fisherman’s’ Wharf, where the seals can be found all day long. Pier 39 is also known for the SeaContinue reading “Visit Pier 39 in San Francisco and See the Sea Lions”

Visit Three Asian Markets

Visiting markets in foreign countries can be a real awakening as to how the locals live. Many open air and floating markets are fascinating and exist around the world. Some of the most fascinating can be found in developing countries, but there are certainly no limits. Here are three you might went to check outContinue reading “Visit Three Asian Markets”

Visit Vietnam’s Rice Paper Village

On a recent trip to Vietnam with Overseas Adventure Travel, this author was exposed to one of the most unique and extraordinary villages in the world, whose sole function is to produce rice paper. This village is one of the largest in the country for the creation and distribution of rice paper and rice noodles. The side tripContinue reading “Visit Vietnam’s Rice Paper Village”

Visit North Dakota: Its Not Just Used for Storage!

Nobody thinks there is much to see in North Dakota. In fact, many people who have only seen 49 of the 50 states, have done so because they missed seeing North Dakota when they had the chance on a South Dakota vacation. So if you plan to go to South Dakota anyway, fly into Bismarck, NorthContinue reading “Visit North Dakota: Its Not Just Used for Storage!”

Visit Vietnam and Feel the Tears of History

There is no denying that travelers can feel the tug of history when they travel. I have unknowingly felt it several times, only to realize later what it was. In Munch, Germany in 1973, I felt intimidated for some unknown reason. As it turned out, I was on a street where Hitler had given aContinue reading “Visit Vietnam and Feel the Tears of History”

Visit Bosnia and see Vestiges of the Bosnian War

Bosnia and Herzegovina, or just Bosnia for short, is a fascinating tourist destination, newly emerging as a country to visit after years of war. Signs of the war from the 1990’s are everywhere, with bullet holes remaining in many of the buildings in Bosnia’s largest city of Sarajevo, as well as other cities where the war tookContinue reading “Visit Bosnia and see Vestiges of the Bosnian War”

Visit Iceland in the Fall and Enjoy Northern Lights and John Lennon Peace Tower

Iceland in the fall has some great things to see that cannot be seen in the summer, all having to do with lights. To two that you want to take in are the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the John Lennon Peace Tower. I was on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Untamed Iceland, in October 2016. In addition to seeingContinue reading “Visit Iceland in the Fall and Enjoy Northern Lights and John Lennon Peace Tower”

Visit Southern India for a Multitude of Blessings

I was in Southern India with Overseas Adventure Travels for two weeks this year, and added an additional two weeks on my own afterwards. Their Southern India trip, Soul of India, is rich with the culture and natural beauty that typifies soulful southern India. It was truly inspiring to be in a country with such religious and ethnic diversity.Continue reading “Visit Southern India for a Multitude of Blessings”

Visit India’s Karela Backwaters for a Look at Rural Life

I was on the Overseas Adventure Travels trip to southern India called Soul of India in January this year. One of the highlights of this newly revised tip was spending two nights on a houseboat on the backwaters of the Southern state of Karela. And to use an Indian parlance that I noticed on my trip, whereContinue reading “Visit India’s Karela Backwaters for a Look at Rural Life”

Visit India during Festival Season

I was fortunate enough to visit Southern India during their festival season in January of this year. I took the trip with Overseas Adventure Travel, but added two additional weeks in India by myself. I had no idea this would allow me even more festival time to enjoy when I planned the trip, but it turned outContinue reading “Visit India during Festival Season”

Visit Southern India’s Temples and Behold the Excellency of Life in Tamil Nadu

I recently took a tour of Southern India, and one of  the highlights was seeing the magnificent temples. India is known for them, and while the southern Indian temples look alike on the outside with a large base that gets steeper as the temple reaches skyward, the experience inside the temples could not have beenContinue reading “Visit Southern India’s Temples and Behold the Excellency of Life in Tamil Nadu”

Solo Travel: The Mystical, Magical, Musical Soul of India

I am the sort of person who has a smile on my face standing in the TSA line at LAX.  I never underestimate that which always makes me feel this happy. Most recently, it was on the way to Singapore, as part of a 5 week solo journey which included the Overseas Adventure Travel Soul of India trip. AfterContinue reading “Solo Travel: The Mystical, Magical, Musical Soul of India”

Understanding The Contradiction that is Central America

I was recently in Central America with Overseas AdventureTravel on their trip, Route of the Maya. This is a wonderful trip for anyone wanting to explore Central America for the first time. For me however, it was my fourth time back there, and my goal was to finish seeing the rest of the Central American countries I hadContinue reading “Understanding The Contradiction that is Central America”

What’s Cooking in Central America – Exploring the Local Food

I knew I was in for a treat in Central America when I was flying to Managua for two weeks of independent travel before joining the Overseas Adventure Travel tour, Route of the Maya. I should have known that I was in for some interesting food when I was talking to a Nicaraguan woman next to meContinue reading “What’s Cooking in Central America – Exploring the Local Food”

Traveling to Observe Traditions – Kites, Fireworks and Pottery in Guatemala

On a recent trip I took to Guatemala with OverseasAdventure Travel, their marvelous Route of the Maya adventure, our group had the experience – and privilege – of observing the people uphold some of their oldest and most cherished traditions; kite making, firework making , and pottery making. And we were able to experience this all in oneContinue reading “Traveling to Observe Traditions – Kites, Fireworks and Pottery in Guatemala”

Exploring The Benches and Fences of Central America

On a recent trip to Central America with Overseas Adventure Travel, on their wonderful Route of the Maya adventure, I got caught up in noticing benches – yes, benches. Why would something as simple as a bench catch my attention, I was asked. Well, I figured that after I took enough photos of benches, I would figure itContinue reading “Exploring The Benches and Fences of Central America”

Sightseeing The Volcanoes of Central America

Volcanos are a fact of life in Central America, a part of the world that has seen its share of natural beauty and natural disasters. This part of the hemisphere is actually part of the Ring of Fire, since so many volcanoes dot the landscape, and number in  the 20s in El Salvador, Guatemala and NicaraguaContinue reading “Sightseeing The Volcanoes of Central America”

Exploring Special Moments in Morocco’s Sahara

There are special moments on every trip. Times that you never forget, and which you cannot always capture in any cameras.  They are moments to just enjoy and savor, like the people I saw in Southern India counting buckets of money. The Overseas AdventureTravel trip Morocco Sahara Odyssey is one of those trips that was filled with these moments. TheContinue reading “Exploring Special Moments in Morocco’s Sahara”

Travel the World Against the Evil Eye

There are cultures on every continent that have amulets of good luck as part of their cultures. Pick a county and you will find a way to avoid bad luck as part of the country’s customs and history. But one country where I saw this literally everywhere and in the most colorful of ways was Turkey,Continue reading “Travel the World Against the Evil Eye”

Traveling the Middle East and Meeting the Guy with the Gun

During my recent travels with Overseas Adventure Travel to the Middle East, in Egypt, Jordan and Israel, there was a been a character following me around the  trip in all three countries. It’s a different person every time of course, but he has been ever present.  He helped us cross our first street in Cairo,Continue reading “Traveling the Middle East and Meeting the Guy with the Gun”

The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco and the Ancient City of Tetouan

The blue city of Chefchaouen in Spanish Morocco is about six hours outside of Casablanca by bus, and a glorious and colorful city to experience.  When I took this pre-trip with OverseasAdventure Travel on their Morocco Sahara Odyssey trip, we saw many colorful sights along the way. I never thought I’d be taken by the sight of casaba melons, butContinue reading “The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco and the Ancient City of Tetouan”

Slow Travel or Adventure Travel?

Slow travel. I love even reading the words. They calm my travel soul and remind me that there will be travel in my future, at an even and interesting pace. A pace where I can see the magnificence, smell the spices and flowers, watch the locals count buckets of money, learn how to cook aContinue reading “Slow Travel or Adventure Travel?”

Southern Africa: A River Runs Through It

Any visitor to the Southern African nations learns quickly about the majesty of the Zambezi River; the fourth longest river in Africa; the longest river in the continent by some measures, but still only about half the length of the Nile. Having experienced both the Zambezi and the Nile rivers, the Zambezi is by far the most formidable,Continue reading “Southern Africa: A River Runs Through It”

Rethinking Genocide in Turkey as a Traveler

gen·o·cide /ˈjenəˌsīd/ the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group “a campaign of genocide” Definitions form Oxford Languages I was heartened to hear President Biden declare that nearly a century after the systematic killing of the Armenians inContinue reading “Rethinking Genocide in Turkey as a Traveler”

Remembrance of Great Meals Past

Do you remember when you had your last exceptional and unforgettable meal during foreign travels? I surely do.  Local food and beverages are among the things we all look forward to enjoying when we travel to a foreign country. In Turkey one year I was quite taken by the pomegranate salad oil, which for meContinue reading “Remembrance of Great Meals Past”

Paradoxes in Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala

There are many times when we travel that we encounter the uncomfortable. It can be a part of history that may have affected our own lives, like the concentration camps In Germany or Poland. Or it can be an entire county like Vietnam, where we may have lost loved ones, or just know from livingContinue reading “Paradoxes in Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala”

Of Travel and Timelessness

My name is Jann Segal, and I’m a travel addict. There, I said it. Writing is my twelve – step program, and thankfully, it’s not been working. I’ve given myself over to the higher power of travel and the tour companies who entice me. They constantly triumph, and I’m delighted with the outcome. But like anyContinue reading “Of Travel and Timelessness”

Lima: Enjoy a Restaurant with a View

Planning a trip to Peru to see the sights but don’t want to mess with the altitude of Machu Picchu? There is plenty to see in and around Lima that will more than satisfy your curiosity for archeological sites. A drive to the city of Caral four hours north of Lima, takes you through some amazing moonscape toContinue reading “Lima: Enjoy a Restaurant with a View”

Learning to Love Olive Oil in Israel

I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Israel: The Holy Land and Time less Cultures as part of a 45-day sojourn in the Middle East. OAT specializes in family visits and meeting locals as part of each itinerary. On this trip in particular, the locals we met and the meals we had with them were not only truly authentic,Continue reading “Learning to Love Olive Oil in Israel”

Giving Back to the World in Which We Live

Many people like to travel and give to the people in the countries on their journey. It can be rewarding to lighten your suitcase as you go rather than fill it up with souvenirs. Some tour companies allow you to do this as part of their regularly planned activities. If you are traveling solo, youContinue reading “Giving Back to the World in Which We Live”

Finding Cultural Understanding in Unexpected Places

I had an unexpected experience while traveling independently in Asia prior to joining the Overseas Adventure Travel Heart of India trip in 2014. What started out as a breakdown of our transportation to the airport turned into an unexpected cultural exchange. My trip first started in Kuala Lumpur for one week, and from there I went toContinue reading “Finding Cultural Understanding in Unexpected Places”

Exploring the Treasures of Luxor

When I went on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, the most incredible of the sights we saw were in Luxor. This included the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the Karnak Temples.  Our small ship up the Nile was headed North, so this was a great way to end the base trip beforeContinue reading “Exploring the Treasures of Luxor”

Exploring the Beauty of South Africa: The Garden Route, Dutch Cape Architecture, and Some Wine

I have long heard it said that the two most beautiful cities in the world are Sydney and Cape Town. Now that I have been to both, I can say that its true. But South Africa stunned me all the way around, with not only its rich and abundant animal life and diversity of culture,Continue reading “Exploring the Beauty of South Africa: The Garden Route, Dutch Cape Architecture, and Some Wine”

Exploring the Middle East and Finding Myself off the Beaten Path…and on the Fringes

Everyone goes to the Middle East to explore the antiquities, the world class sites such as Petra, the Pyramids, the Western Wall. I had been to Israel independently 25 years ago and promised myself a return trip. Back then, I also took a day strip to the Saini from Eliat and saw only a tinyContinue reading “Exploring the Middle East and Finding Myself off the Beaten Path…and on the Fringes”

Exploring South Africa, Malaria Free

I was greatly disappointed to learn during some of my recent adventurous travels, that I get severe reactions to all the various anti-malarial drugs.  For this reason, I felt that I would never be able to go on an African safari. Of course I consulted my physician, but I also did a significant amount ofContinue reading “Exploring South Africa, Malaria Free”

Exploring Jordan: Amman, Jerash

I had very little expectation of  what to see during my one week of travels  in  Jordan, which was a pre-trip to the Overseas AdventureTravels Israel trip, The Holy Land and Timeless Cultures. Of course, I was very excited at the thought of seeing Petra. After having just spent three weeks in Egypt on their trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, I was asContinue reading “Exploring Jordan: Amman, Jerash”

Exploring Fez, Morocco: Time Travel in a Rich and Textured City

When I went to Fez, Morocco with OverseasAdventure Travel, we were in parts 9th century, parts 14th century, in a glorious country that had the modernity of Tangier and Casablanca and the antiquity of Fez. We had left the 21st century behind in the capitol city of Rabat where the base trip began for Morocco’s Sahara Odyssey.  Even ourContinue reading “Exploring Fez, Morocco: Time Travel in a Rich and Textured City”

Exploring Cairo in Depth

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Egypt and the Eternal Nile, I spent a few extra days in Cairo before the start of the trip. I personally found chaotic Cairo to be a highlight, along with Luxor and Aswan. I had a nice half day independent tour of some unusual things my first morning and saw thingsContinue reading “Exploring Cairo in Depth”

Exploring Alexandria

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile, at the end of the base trip we left the hustle and bustle of Cairo for the hustle and bustle of the post trip in Alexandria. It’s really a hopping resort town, albeit rundown by the elements and lack of money to improve the housing.Continue reading “Exploring Alexandria”

Explore the Treat that is Copan, Honduras

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones to have an unforgettable experience. I have heard many things about Honduras over the years. About the beauty and murders. And the contradiction that is Central America, since Honduras can boast having a city that is the murder capital of the world. . But whenContinue reading “Explore the Treat that is Copan, Honduras”

Explore the Culture of Swaziland

There are many wonderful parts of Africa to visit while on a trip to South Africa, but one of the most beautifully unique is Swaziland. It is surrounded by both South Africa and Mozambique, and has a similar shared culture with Zululand, just hours away. The round huts you see as you drive thought theContinue reading “Explore the Culture of Swaziland”

Explore the Cultural Crossroads of Morocco

Morocco has more cultures to explore then the average tourist is aware of. In fact, I traveled there solo a few years ago and noticed bits of it. But it wasn’t until I took Morocco Sahara Odyssey with Overseas Adventure Travel, that I was able to truly experience the country and learn about all the cultural influences. AndContinue reading “Explore the Cultural Crossroads of Morocco”

Explore the Artistic Sights of Vibrant Colombia

There is a legend in the Andes about a beautiful princess who was whisked away by a Condor never to return. I think that story can apply to the spirit of any traveler. You can visit a county and be whisked away by the power and purpose of old traditions and symbols of the country,Continue reading “Explore the Artistic Sights of Vibrant Colombia”

Explore New Ways to Travel with Farm stays and Home stays

International travelers are being exposed to a new concept in accommodations around the world: farm stays and homestays. Put simply, this is like Air B n B with an extra twist, since the family actually engages with their guests and gets to know them, even arranging activities for them in some cases. Farm stays areContinue reading “Explore New Ways to Travel with Farm stays and Home stays”

Explore Jordan and the Wonders of Petra

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travels Israel trip, The Holy Land and Timeless Cultures, I also took the pre-trip to Jordan. Of particular interest was the two nights and one full day we spent at Petra. It was a fascinating set of Nabataean tombs, possibly established in 9,000 B.C. as a capital city. Of course, hiking to theContinue reading “Explore Jordan and the Wonders of Petra”

Explore Israel and the Sacred Spaces in Jerusalem

Israel is filed with synagogues, churches and mosques everywhere (although most of the mosques will be in Palestinian territories). There is even the Bhai Center in Haifa. But a visitor to Jerusalem who is willing to take the time regardless of their religion, will be treated to some amazing experiences. I went there with Overseas AdventureContinue reading “Explore Israel and the Sacred Spaces in Jerusalem”

Explore Illustrious Istria

For travelers with a true wanderlust, Istria and the Istrian Peninsula can be a revelation. It can be explored from both Croatia as well as Slovenia, and both sides of Istria are unique. It also has a beautiful Adriatic coastline in Trieste, which is a very industrial Italian city, and one where locals from theContinue reading “Explore Illustrious Istria”

Explore Iceland: High winds and empty spaces

Iceland is a vast amount of small land. That is right.  Vast in its smallness, a land of contradictions. A land where people live in harmony, but not necessarily near any neighbors. It is rich in the soil from the volcanoes, yet also rich in empty and barren land. There are dark and murky watersContinue reading “Explore Iceland: High winds and empty spaces”

Explore Clotheslines in Southern India

I am always fascinated by clotheslines when I travel .So intrigued in fact, that I wrote an article called Clotheslines, and as I perused my photos for trips I have taken around the world, I identified all the different types of clotheslines I had observed, and what they were used for. All of this was notContinue reading “Explore Clotheslines in Southern India”

Not Traveling….in Gratitude and Understanding

Food in·se·cu·ri·ty noun the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. “more than 800 million people live every day with hunger or food insecurity as their constant companion,” Last year, amid the COVID-19 crisis and all that I experienced between shutdown and the inevitable life changes, I wroteContinue reading “Not Traveling….in Gratitude and Understanding”

Explore Africa: A World Like No Other in Zimbabwe and Botswana

Africa is a continent, a whole world in fact, like no other.  There are the charming cities in the southern Garden Route of South Africa as well as their wineries. The scenic Garden Route, starting in Port Elizabeth, eventually leads to magnificent Cape Town. There are the townships in Cape Town and Johannesburg that revealContinue reading “Explore Africa: A World Like No Other in Zimbabwe and Botswana”

Experience the Peruvian Amazon at Night

A trip to the the Peruvian Amazon is a trip of quiet riverboat luxury, adventure, and unexpectedly delightful sights and sounds. This author traveled with OverseasAdventure Travel on their Amazon River Cruise and Rainforest trip in July of 2014. As with any OAT trip, there are always wonderful surprises lurking. On this trip, it was at the endContinue reading “Experience the Peruvian Amazon at Night”

Enjoy Three of Europe’s Most Beautiful Destinations

Dubrovnik’s Adriatic Coast Dubrovnik, Croatia has a coastline along the Adriatic which is part of the Mediterranean. It is part of the former Yugoslavia, but there are many vestiges of a Venetian influence, when Venice was not part of Italy. And geographically it’s just across the Adriatic from Italy. So it is no surprise that thisContinue reading “Enjoy Three of Europe’s Most Beautiful Destinations”

Enjoy the Beauty of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia is possibly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its dramatic and rugged coastline that juts out into the Adriatic will surprise the unprepared traveler with a jaw-dropping reaction at the first sight of its magnificent beauty. Many tours only stay one or two days to give tourists a chance to glimpseContinue reading “Enjoy the Beauty of Dubrovnik”

Enjoy some local color right off the coast of Lima

If you want to really take a drive off the beaten path in Lima visit the fishing village of Pucusan in the Pucuscana district, one of the 43 districts that constitute Lima. It is a great stop to visit any time of year, and has views which overlook all of Lima’s coast line. The amount of pelicans you will seeContinue reading “Enjoy some local color right off the coast of Lima”

Enjoy Pomegranate Seed Oil From Turkey

Turkey is known for many things and many kinds of wonderful foods that are typical of the Middle East and Balkan countries. They have baklava, various types of kabobs, and many wonderful teas and coffees. But a first time traveler there will be surprised to learn about a secret that is a pure joy onContinue reading “Enjoy Pomegranate Seed Oil From Turkey”

Do personal and cultural interactions make a difference in travel? Yeah, yeah, yeah….

I was on a back to back trip with Overseas AdventureTravel  in October and November 2015 for nearly six weeks. This included about two weeks of solo travel as well as the organized tour. The two trips I took are among the most popular OAT offers in the area.  They were Turkey’s Magical Hideaways, with eight daysContinue reading “Do personal and cultural interactions make a difference in travel? Yeah, yeah, yeah….”

Enjoy Colorful Colombian Street Art

I was expecting to see the Coffee Triangle when I went to Colombia with Overseas Adventure Travel on their trip Colombia: Coffee Triangle and Colonial Jewels. And I knew I was in for a few days at the Caribbean in Cartegena. But never did I expect to see the vibrant colors of this country expressed as street art inContinue reading “Enjoy Colorful Colombian Street Art”

Colombia: A History of Violence, A Country Renewed

Colombia is a country still recovering from a violent past, with children looking forward to a more vibrant and better future. Nowhere was this more visible than in District 13 in Medellin, where we visited people and saw vestiges of the drug cartel days alongside the much newer and certainly more vibrant public transportation systemContinue reading “Colombia: A History of Violence, A Country Renewed”

Clotheslines: An open window to the soul of a people

Clotheslines are a window into the soul of other people’s lives. From a seemingly small part of life, you can observe the daily ins and outs of the culture, the things you don’t get to see as a tourist. This is part of why we travel. Not just to see the sights, hear the sounds,Continue reading “Clotheslines: An open window to the soul of a people”

Celebrate Cultural Connections: Women Preserving their Heritage

I observe when I travel. It is part of my sightseeing experience, but more often part of my post –trip reflections. I have felt the tears of history in Vietnam; observed how clotheslines can reflect how an entire society lives all over the world, and very particularly in India; and beyond doubt, how women preserveContinue reading “Celebrate Cultural Connections: Women Preserving their Heritage”

Visit America’s Presidential Libraries for a Grade A History Lesson

America’s Presidential Libraries and Museums are unique to our country. However, the 13 libraries and museums that are in the presidential library system (Lincoln’s has not been added but is great to visit so has been included here), provide a peek into the past of these amazing men, their times, and the challenges they faced. They alsoContinue reading “Visit America’s Presidential Libraries for a Grade A History Lesson”

Visit the Beach Boy’s Monument in a Los Angeles Suburb

The recent movie about Brian Wilson‘s life, “Love and Mercy, ” has garnered renewed interest in the Beach Boys especially with the 50th anniversary of the legendary album “Pet Sounds” coming up next year. Every form of media related to Brian Wilson, including the DVD on the Wrecking Crew (the name given the session musicians who performed forContinue reading “Visit the Beach Boy’s Monument in a Los Angeles Suburb”

OAT Travelers Sharing Their Love of Travel Via Zoom

OAT travelers just cannot stay away from travel and sharing their love of both travel and Overseas Adventure Travel trips. On April 29, 35 OAT travelers met for the first time all at once via Zoom. The invitation to join the Zoom meeting  was made in the Facebook group Friends of OAT Traveler Discussion Group (not sponsored by OAT).TheContinue reading “OAT Travelers Sharing Their Love of Travel Via Zoom”

The Smart Traveler: When Things Don’t go as Planned

Things do not always go as planned on a trip. You can travel with as much planning and care as your mother would approve of, and still the unexpected happens. Travel surprises can occur on every trip, but the smart and experienced traveler can always find a solution, and return home that much more aContinue reading “The Smart Traveler: When Things Don’t go as Planned”

The Smart Traveler: Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a necessary evil, especially as you get older, or have less people in your life who can help you in the event of an emergency. If you plan a long trip with a complicated itinerary or travel on an organized tour, there is plenty that can go wrong that could cost you money.Continue reading “The Smart Traveler: Travel Insurance”

Travel Strategically During Troubled Times

When times are difficult and world events make you wonder if things have really come to an end, you may also be wondering where it’s safe to travel next. There is no stock answer of course; it all depends on where the crises are in the world, and type of crisis it is. Three primaryContinue reading “Travel Strategically During Troubled Times”

The Smart Traveler: Look for Europe Border Changes

With the rise of so much terrorism worldwide, and no way to stop it any time soon, the European Union is considering bringing back passport controlled borders. Depending on the tourist’s country of origin, in some cases, that might also include a needing visa. In some cases, it might just mean a photo ID. The Syrian refugeeContinue reading “The Smart Traveler: Look for Europe Border Changes”

Unraveling the Mystery of Higher Airfare

With a government investigation currently underway about the alleged collusion in airline pricing, this author felt it was tine to share some details on how to find a better price in airfare. The results are alarming. If , for instance, a traveler wanted to know how to get good prices from say, LAX to Quito,Continue reading “Unraveling the Mystery of Higher Airfare”

Tricks for Purchasing Less Expensive Airline Tickets

There are many tricks for purchasing less expensive plane tickets, some I leaned from my travel agent mother. Its best not to book a flight for travel during high season if you want to save money.  Shoulder season (spring and fall relative to hemisphere of course) are always the cheapest for hotels and airfare. ThisContinue reading “Tricks for Purchasing Less Expensive Airline Tickets”

Where to go? Deciding Where to Travel Next

How do you decide where you want to travel? I am pretty much open to going anywhere it is safe and where there will be no health issues for me. Those are my only two criteria. In the US I intend to see all 50 states (only a handful left …yay!!), but for international destinations,Continue reading “Where to go? Deciding Where to Travel Next”

Explore the World and Discover…How Many Countries has it Been Now?

People travel the world every day, and make a lifetime career of this wonderful hobby. Many never know how many countries they have been to. Some don’t even care. However it seems that if one is going to take the time and effort to see the world over the course  of years, it would atContinue reading “Explore the World and Discover…How Many Countries has it Been Now?”

Learning about the Indomitable Spirit of the Icelandic People

They say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Untamed Iceland, we were not only on the road less traveled, but true to the OAT travel philosophy, we met locals who truly embodied the spirit of the harsh and unforgiving nature of the country. But they did so withContinue reading “Learning about the Indomitable Spirit of the Icelandic People”

Adventures of a Passionate Solo Traveler

They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. That has certainly been true during some of my travels, either independently or with a group, but always traveling solo. I’ve had a number of unplanned adventures during my travels which certainly added to the experience. Some were a bit scary, but allContinue reading “Adventures of a Passionate Solo Traveler”

The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel

The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel No matter how experienced a traveler someone is, from a novice who wants to learn how to travel, to the most experienced amongst us, there is always more to learn. Just when we think we have it all together and can travelContinue reading “The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel”

The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying

The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying A blood clot is a serious condition that can be caused from flights over 5 hours in duration, and when the plane reaches 30,000 feet or more. It is also referred to as DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. If you’re worried about getting a bloodContinue reading “The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying”

Acclimating in the Andes

I have always had a problem with attitude. On one solo trip, I went from sea level to 11,000 feet without realizing It, and paid for it dearly with a blinding headache for three days. The only cure was to get to a lower elevation every day. This experience obviously put a damper on highContinue reading “Acclimating in the Andes”

A Walk in the Park in South Africa

One thing I had not planned on was taking so many great hikes and nature walks in South Africa. I went on the Grand Circle Highlights of South Africa trip, which I took in conjunction with Outlook Safaris Classic Safari trip. This was exactly the combination of trips I wanted to take in South Africa,Continue reading “A Walk in the Park in South Africa”

What I Learned During my Coronavirus Vacation

I thought 2020 was going to be a year of perfect clarity. A year when we could look back with hindsight on all that we learned, and as travelers, all that we saw, and glean from it lessons that would move us forward in life. This is after all, what travel does to those whoContinue reading “What I Learned During my Coronavirus Vacation”

Exploring the Many Faces of Istanbul

I explored Istanbul with Overseas Adventure Travel on their tour Turkey’s Magical Hideaways, and some on my own after the tour of Turkey and the Mediterranean concluded. I found the Istanbul portion of the tour to be a great orientation with a focus on historical and religious sites, but certainly not all that Istanbul hasContinue reading “Exploring the Many Faces of Istanbul”