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“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

Jack Kerouac

Original content written by Jann Segal

Exploring Southern Italy and Sicily

I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Sicily’s Ancient Landscapes and Timeless Traditions and gained tremendous depth and insight into Southern Italy and Sicily. I’ve written about much of it, but there were some additionally special moments on that trip. OAT also offers another trip , Southern Italy and Sicily that includes some of the…

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Visiting the Tanneries in Fez, Morocco

Author Edith Warton wrote, “To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.”  Morocco is indeed a tapestry of woven sites, colors, exotic aromas, north African sounds, and a history as rich as their food is wonderful. Curious travelers will look at…

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Learning About Women’s Healthcare in Morocco

One of the hallmarks of taking a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel is meeting the people. We learn so much from these cultural interactions and often our lives can be forever changed from these encounters. I will never forget the woman I met in Vietnam who looked at me and simply said, “I want your…

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Connecting in Israel

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us, universe, a part limited in time and space.” Albert Einstein The tiny country of Israel can expose any traveler to the universe of humanity from the world’s major religions and from there we learn: the universe of the spiritual and religious: the universe of…

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Finding Peace, Love, and a Pub in Prague

Travel is the color of love. It’s the one event in our lives that is a tapestry of the sights, sounds, smells, foods, music, colors and local people. Every trip I take must be divinely inspired. At  the end of whatever the road, there is always a surprise to learn from, a joy to experience, or…

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Exploring: Three Days in Nairobi

I recently took the Overseas Adventure Travel Trip, Safari Serengeti with the Kenya pre-trip. I really enjoy seeing a country in depth, as well enjoying what additional new countries have to offer that I can see as part of my travels. I wavered between boking this trip or their alternate East Africa trip that goes…

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Traveling to Become Inspired

I just returned from the Grand Circle Travel trip to Alabama and Mississippi Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey. I had so many moments of inspiration on that trip – especially considering that I had lived through the tumult of the Civil Rights movement and had even met some major players – that I…

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Spending a Divine Day in Zanzibar’s Paradise

I spent a wonderful day in the Paradise that is Zanzibar’s Fumba beach on the post trip to the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Safari Serengeti. The entire trip was wonderful, but our three days on Fumba beach which followed two days in and around Stone Town – and this day in particular – was an…

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Visit Zanzibar and See How it Will Rock You

Zanzibar. An exotic sounding destination in East Africa off the Indian ocean.  A land filled with monkeys of two species, a multitude of butterflies, and spices originally brought from India by the Portuguese. A land once ruled by the Sultan of Oman who brought with him Muslim influence in a territory that was simultaneously a…

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Discovering Kenya and Tanzania Up Close

When I took the trip Safari Serengeti with Overseas Adventure Travel, I must have taken almost two thousand photos between my stand-alone camera and my cell phone camera. I was on the pre-trip in Kenya as well as the post-trip to Zanzibar, yet what stands out among all the photos are the close-range shots I…

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When the Serengeti Comes Calling

Sometimes when traveling, you must break the rules and push your boundaries beyond your regular limits  in order to truly appreciate the world. This is what I learned during my first full year of post- pandemic travel.  I had five trips on the books with Overseas Adventure Travel, including Safari Serengeti, and a two-week independent…

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Enjoying Hibiscus Tea in Egypt

When I took the trip Egypt and the Eternal Nile with Overseas Adventure Travel, I had two days on my own before joining the group. These two days afforded me time to see the pyramids at Saqqara and Dasher with a private guide, experience the uniqueness of Garbage City in Cairo, and enjoy as drink…

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Enjoying the Taste of Tuscany at Home

When I was on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland, I experienced more food and wine delights then I ever have on any other trip. Or rather, delights that were explained and enumerated, not simply enjoyed at mealtimes. Our trip to the Pruneti olive oil facility in the Chianti region…

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Enjoying the Floral Surprises of Spello, Italy

When I was on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Tuscany and Umbria; Italy’s Rustic Heartland, we stayed in Spoleto while on the Umbria portion of the trip. We had an optional evening of folk music in the nearby town of Spello, but the flowers that graced that walled in city was music to my eyes.…

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Discovering Michelangelo’s Marble in Carrera

When I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland, I expected many things the region is famous for, all of which I experienced. But it is the unexpected discoveries that remain with a traveler, and which turn an excellent trip into an outstanding one. So it was in Carrera, an…

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Listening to Tuscany’s Most Famous Musical Sons

Tuscany. Land of food and wine. Balsamic vinegar. And world class composers, conductors, and singers. The musical aspect of Tuscany was a sheer delight for this former musician, when I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Italy, Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland. The native sons we learned about from Tuscany were Luciano Pavarotti,…

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Discovering Italy’s Capitol of Chocolate in Umbria

I took the trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland with Overseas Adventure Travel. It was undeniably a foodie tour which highlighted the geographical beauty of the region, the culture, and without a doubt, the food.   After we left the beauty of Tuscany, we drove through lush vegetation as the regions changed from Tuscany to…

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Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe

When I was in Europe recently with Overseas Adventure Travel, I took the Central Europe trip Jewels of the Bohemia. On that trip, I finally saw the memorial stones to those lost in the Holocaust that I had heard so much about over the years. They have a German name, stolperstein, or stolpersteine for the…

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“The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself”

Wallace Stevens

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