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“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

Jack Kerouac

Original content written by Jann Segal

Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers

I have never been a big fan or birding. I have been on trips with Overseas Adventure Travel with those who have brought along birding books and have shared with each other what birds they saw and where. I’ve looked at these interactions with interest, in the Peruvian Amazon and Iceland for instance, both areas…

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Learning About the Cats in Northern Africa

There are so many stray cats in North Africa, it reminded me of my travels to Turkey where we saw so many in Ephesus what were considered famous historically. So that got me thinking about he cats I saw in Morocco on the Overseas Adventure Travel Trip, Morocco’s Sahara Odyssey.  I wasn’t sure if these…

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Mixing and Matching Travel Resources in Asia

I always said I would not write an article about how I effectively combine hotel and airlines points to create great trips. I figured that if I did, the travel industry would change how they do things to make it much more difficult. Well, they have started making things difficult anyway, so I figured there…

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Visit South Korea and Tour the DMZ in the North

A trip to South Korea is an exquisite experience, filled with cherry blossoms, grand palaces, handicraft streets and whole handicraft villages, as well as an amazing if not somewhat creepy availability to the DMZ of North Korea just an hour outside of Seoul. And a visit to the North Korean Demilitarized zone is indeed worth the effort. No dramatic changing of the…

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Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Take a Music Walking Tour

If planning a trip to any of the Eastern European capitals that were once part of the former Yugoslavia, one must-see city is Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is charming beyond belief, everyone speaks beautiful English, and it sits at the crossroads of more cultural influences than most people are aware of. Besides the influence of the…

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Visit Kuala Lampur and see the Petronas Towers

One of the most interesting things to observe and explore on any trip are the landmarks. Some are unmistakable, some are magical, and some make it in movies and become the hallmark of the film. Kuala Lampur’s Petronas Towers are all three in one. They are one of the first things you see when you enter…

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Visit Nikko, Japan to Hear, See and Speak No Evil

The Japanese flock to Nikko, Japan especially on weekends. Yet very few American tours do. If planning a trip to Japan, this might just be the highlight of your trip, in an already extraordinary country. Nikko is less than two hours outside of Tokyo. It is at the entrance of Nikko National Park and has been a…

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Visit Malaysia and Feed the Elephants

In past years, elephants helped build Asia as part of a necessary transportation infrastructure. Over the years they have been abused. Many elephant orphanages and sanctuaries have sprung up in various countries to stem the abuse, but much of it still continues and only now is even recognized as abuse. In Thailand for instance, it…

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Visit India: An Emotional Experience Like No Other

So much has been written about travel to India it seemed there would be nothing new to write about after taking the Heart of India trip with Overseas Adventure Travel in November 2014. But India is a land of experiences. A land where the most unexpected and simple movement by a local can trigger an unforgettable memory that…

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Hanoi Above and Beyond

A trip to Hanoi, Vietnam is a journey unto itself, and one that will provide lasting memories. However, many tour groups often overlook some parts of Hanoi and surrounding areas that really delve into the nooks and crannies. There are many of course, and they are offered by many different companies. However, Vietnam Awesome Travel in the Old Quarter of…

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Visit the Exotic Temples of Khajuraho

India is perhaps better known for its temples and monuments than any other country in the world. While traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel on the Heart of India trip, weary travelers undertook a long train ride followed by a long bus ride along dry and dusty terrain without any real understanding of what the fuss was…

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Visit Bali and See Their Sacred Spaces

Indonesia is filled with many temple complexes, and you can certainly get “templed out” if you are not careful. The major temple complexes in Java, one Hindu and one Buddhist, are among the most important temple complexes in the world. In Balithere are thousands of temples and shrines, Hindu and Buddhist alike. A visit to these monuments will likely bring…

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Exploring Turkey and the Cats of Ephesus

Turkey has many magical wonders to visit, many fascinating sights to behold. One of the most mysterious however, is when visiting the ruins at Ephesus. One thing that will astonish visitors in addition the biblical history and the astounding library on the premises, are the cats! So many cats at Ephesus! What is the story behind all…

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Enjoy Bali and the Highlights of a Fire Dance

Bali is not a destination most Americans visit. In fact, the majority of English speaking foreigners there are from Australia. Americans should give this destination a second thought. On an airline like Taiwanese carrier EVA, it is easy to fly there with one change of planes, and from the West Coast there is literally no…

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Visit Omaha: Union Station, Beatles Tourism and All

 Nebraska is not first on everyone’s travel to-do list by far. It is not even second. However, if planning a trip to America’s heartland, Omaha is a must. There is fine food, beautiful homes and mansions worth driving past, and museums that will delight even the most discerning museum-goer. It is not New York City…

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Visit Phoenix and see John Lennon’s Piano

There is so much to see and do in Phoenix that is cultural. You can mix culture with a little Beatles tourism by visiting the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).The piano that John Lennon used to compose “Imagine” is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix. It is not the white Baby Grand piano he used when making the video. That piano is…

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Visit the Dwight Eisenhower Library in Kansas

A visit to the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas feels like a visit to the Twilight Zone and the 1950s. Once on Eisenhower/Buckeye Blvd, the 21st century is gone. This is not only evident at the Eisenhower Library, but upon visiting the small town of Abilene itself. The library and museum is in a…

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“The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself”

Wallace Stevens

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