Enjoy some local color right off the coast of Lima

If you want to really take a drive off the beaten path in Lima visit the fishing village of Pucusan in the Pucuscana district, one of the 43 districts that constitute Lima. It is a great stop to visit any time of year, and has views which overlook all of Lima’s coast line. The amount of pelicans you will see are so staggering you will think you are in one of the Galapagos Islands.

Any private guide or taxi can take you there, and you will likely be one of the only non-Spanish speakers (unless you speak Spanish), but it is true local color. Hundreds of multi-colored fishing boats and an even more amazing amount of pelicans (easily in the hundreds) await you. Locals sit by the docks displaying handicrafts for sale and there many quick fish joints serving up a fresh and daily special with cerveza. This little bit of local color takes but a few minutes to visit, or you can stay for hours. However you decide to spend your time, it is a worthwhile stop to a small but rich area unknown to regular tourist groups, and not well trafficked by Americans.


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