The Smart Traveler: Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a necessary evil, especially as you get older, or have less people in your life who can help you in the event of an emergency. If you plan a long trip with a complicated itinerary or travel on an organized tour, there is plenty that can go wrong that could cost you money.Continue reading “The Smart Traveler: Travel Insurance”

Travel Strategically During Troubled Times

When times are difficult and world events make you wonder if things have really come to an end, you may also be wondering where it’s safe to travel next. There is no stock answer of course; it all depends on where the crises are in the world, and type of crisis it is. Three primaryContinue reading “Travel Strategically During Troubled Times”

The Smart Traveler: Look for Europe Border Changes

With the rise of so much terrorism worldwide, and no way to stop it any time soon, the European Union is considering bringing back passport controlled borders. Depending on the tourist’s country of origin, in some cases, that might also include a needing visa. In some cases, it might just mean a photo ID. The Syrian refugeeContinue reading “The Smart Traveler: Look for Europe Border Changes”

Unraveling the Mystery of Higher Airfare

With a government investigation currently underway about the alleged collusion in airline pricing, this author felt it was tine to share some details on how to find a better price in airfare. The results are alarming. If , for instance, a traveler wanted to know how to get good prices from say, LAX to Quito,Continue reading “Unraveling the Mystery of Higher Airfare”

Tricks for Purchasing Less Expensive Airline Tickets

There are many tricks for purchasing less expensive plane tickets, some I leaned from my travel agent mother. Its best not to book a flight for travel during high season if you want to save money.  Shoulder season (spring and fall relative to hemisphere of course) are always the cheapest for hotels and airfare. ThisContinue reading “Tricks for Purchasing Less Expensive Airline Tickets”

Where to go? Deciding Where to Travel Next

How do you decide where you want to travel? I am pretty much open to going anywhere it is safe and where there will be no health issues for me. Those are my only two criteria. In the US I intend to see all 50 states (only a handful left …yay!!), but for international destinations,Continue reading “Where to go? Deciding Where to Travel Next”

Explore the World and Discover…How Many Countries has it Been Now?

People travel the world every day, and make a lifetime career of this wonderful hobby. Many never know how many countries they have been to. Some don’t even care. However it seems that if one is going to take the time and effort to see the world over the course  of years, it would atContinue reading “Explore the World and Discover…How Many Countries has it Been Now?”

Learning about the Indomitable Spirit of the Icelandic People

They say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip, Untamed Iceland, we were not only on the road less traveled, but true to the OAT travel philosophy, we met locals who truly embodied the spirit of the harsh and unforgiving nature of the country. But they did so withContinue reading “Learning about the Indomitable Spirit of the Icelandic People”

Adventures of a Passionate Solo Traveler

They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. That has certainly been true during some of my travels, either independently or with a group, but always traveling solo. I’ve had a number of unplanned adventures during my travels which certainly added to the experience. Some were a bit scary, but allContinue reading “Adventures of a Passionate Solo Traveler”

The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel

The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel No matter how experienced a traveler someone is, from a novice who wants to learn how to travel, to the most experienced amongst us, there is always more to learn. Just when we think we have it all together and can travelContinue reading “The Smart and Savvy Traveler: Travel Tips for All Experience Levels in Travel”

The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying

The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying A blood clot is a serious condition that can be caused from flights over 5 hours in duration, and when the plane reaches 30,000 feet or more. It is also referred to as DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. If you’re worried about getting a bloodContinue reading “The Savvy Traveler: Ways to Avoid Blood Clots While Flying”

Acclimating in the Andes

I have always had a problem with attitude. On one solo trip, I went from sea level to 11,000 feet without realizing It, and paid for it dearly with a blinding headache for three days. The only cure was to get to a lower elevation every day. This experience obviously put a damper on highContinue reading “Acclimating in the Andes”

A Walk in the Park in South Africa

One thing I had not planned on was taking so many great hikes and nature walks in South Africa. I went on the Grand Circle Highlights of South Africa trip, which I took in conjunction with Outlook Safaris Classic Safari trip. This was exactly the combination of trips I wanted to take in South Africa,Continue reading “A Walk in the Park in South Africa”

What I Learned During my Coronavirus Vacation

I thought 2020 was going to be a year of perfect clarity. A year when we could look back with hindsight on all that we learned, and as travelers, all that we saw, and glean from it lessons that would move us forward in life. This is after all, what travel does to those whoContinue reading “What I Learned During my Coronavirus Vacation”

Exploring the Many Faces of Istanbul

I explored Istanbul with Overseas Adventure Travel on their tour Turkey’s Magical Hideaways, and some on my own after the tour of Turkey and the Mediterranean concluded. I found the Istanbul portion of the tour to be a great orientation with a focus on historical and religious sites, but certainly not all that Istanbul hasContinue reading “Exploring the Many Faces of Istanbul”