Travel Strategically During Troubled Times

When times are difficult and world events make you wonder if things have really come to an end, you may also be wondering where it’s safe to travel next. There is no stock answer of course; it all depends on where the crises are in the world, and type of crisis it is. Three primary types of crises come to mind: an economic or financial crisis; a health crisis, and a geopolitical crisis.

An economic or financial crisis

An economic or financial crisis, such as the Great Recession of 2008 which some are still feeling, can put a damper on your travel plans. This may also include unemployment or the fear of unemployment. There is however, no need to stop travelling. Inexpensive countries, less expensive accommodations such as guest houses, inns and hostels, or even camping are all options. If you are used to taking the high road in your travels, taking that different path may open you up to experiences you may have never encountered otherwise. For inexpensive destinations consider Central America, South America, and parts of Asia. Less expensive accommodations and even camp sites are available everywhere. And it truly creates local color. Staying in the US can be a more expensive option, but if you do local camping to state of national parks, it can cut back on travel dollars.

A health crisis

Health crises may cause you to say home and completely avoid airports until it is over or at least contained. But if the wanderlust is still veering you overseas, try to avoid routing through countries where there is the greatest problem. It is international travel that helps spread illness of any kind. Travel with good hand sanitizers and avoid budget accommodations. Spend a little more to be in clean and safe accommodations. Consider it a form of insurance. If you have never stayed in more upscale European hotels for instance, it can be an eye opener and a completely different experience.

A geopolitical crisis

In a geopolitical crisis, you have no choice in terms of what to avoid. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, attendance at places like Mount Rushmore was up at least 15% from past years. People avoid other trouble spots like the Middle East, but that does not mean the entire Middle East. If Israel is having problems go to Egypt or Jordan, and visa versa. Many second and third world countries have problems, but once the problems have been taken care of, a new country is open for your travel business at great prices. Columbia, El Salvador and several others in the Americas are shining examples of this. A geopolitical crisis is also an excellent opportunity to see more of the United States. Many people strive to see all 50 states. If you have that desire, a crisis like this is a perfect time to do so. National Parks and Presidential Libraries are perfect destinations.

Whatever events unfold and however you decide to handle them, remember to travel strategically and watch the national and world news. The BBC is excellent for world travelers and really keeps you up to date. Follow world events on the internet as well. Wherever you go in your travels, stay safe and healthy.


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