Visit the Beach Boy’s Monument in a Los Angeles Suburb

The recent movie about Brian Wilson‘s life, “Love and Mercy, ” has garnered renewed interest in the Beach Boys especially with the 50th anniversary of the legendary album “Pet Sounds” coming up next year. Every form of media related to Brian Wilson, including the DVD on the Wrecking Crew (the name given the session musicians who performed for him and just about everybody else in the 60’s) is now difficult to find, severely backlogged, or at least currently very popular.

If you plan to travel to the Los Angeles Area, try to visit the Beach Boys Monument in Hawthorne, a suburb of LA by LAX. It is the exact spot where the Wilson house once stood, and is now California Historical Landmark 1041 managed by Hawthorne Parks and Recreation. It was dedicated in May 2005 with Brian Wilson and other family members and friends in attendance.

The monument is on the corner of 119th street and Kornblum, the street they drove to at the end of “Love and Mercy.” This author is a former neighbor of the Wilson’s, and can attest to the fact that much of the old neighborhood has been torn down due to building of the 105 freeway. However, EL Camiino College is still in tact, and that is where Brian Wilson sat in the parking lot before class and composed many of his chestnuts. So there is not much more to see for die hard Beach Boys fans, but the monument is worth the drive for fans in the area,

119th street in Hawthorne is easiest to reach from Crenshaw Blvd. The Crenshaw Blvd exit of the 105 freeway is the easiest way to get there.


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