Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs

I have come to learn throughout my travels that tourists are interested in graveyards. This would surely not be my first point of entry in any country, but I have visited them. One time in Aruba on an island tour, we strolled around the graveyard and I had a premonition about my father’s impending death,Continue reading “Traveling to Observe Burial Rites and Graveyard Customs”

Exploring the Crazy (and Floral) Uniqueness of Da Lat, Vietnam

A visit to Da Lat, Vietnam is a unique experience compared to rest of the country. I traveled to Vietnam with Overseas Adventure Travel on their tour Inside Vietnam, and Da Lat was a stand-out. This impression was due to a combination of factors, not the least of which was that it was relatively unscathedContinue reading “Exploring the Crazy (and Floral) Uniqueness of Da Lat, Vietnam”

Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers

I have never been a big fan or birding. I have been on trips with Overseas Adventure Travel with those who have brought along birding books and have shared with each other what birds they saw and where. I’ve looked at these interactions with interest, in the Peruvian Amazon and Iceland for instance, both areasContinue reading “Traveling to Discover Friendly Feathers”