Listening to Tuscany’s Most Famous Musical Sons

Tuscany. Land of food and wine. Balsamic vinegar. And world class composers, conductors, and singers. The musical aspect of Tuscany was a sheer delight for this former musician, when I took the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Italy, Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland. The native sons we learned about from Tuscany were Luciano Pavarotti,Continue reading “Listening to Tuscany’s Most Famous Musical Sons”

Discovering Italy’s Capitol of Chocolate in Umbria

I took the trip Tuscany and Umbria: Italy’s Rustic Heartland with Overseas Adventure Travel. It was undeniably a foodie tour which highlighted the geographical beauty of the region, the culture, and without a doubt, the food.   After we left the beauty of Tuscany, we drove through lush vegetation as the regions changed from Tuscany toContinue reading “Discovering Italy’s Capitol of Chocolate in Umbria”

Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1

While on the Overseas Adventure Travel trip Jewels of the Bohemia, I was extremely interested in meeting some of the Ukrainian refugees, in whatever form was possible. I understood it was a sensitive situation, and certainly I did not necessarily expect many to speak English. My trip leader accommodated my unusual request at the endContinue reading “Learning About Refugees in the Prague Train Station, Platform 1”

Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe

When I was in Europe recently with Overseas Adventure Travel, I took the Central Europe trip Jewels of the Bohemia. On that trip, I finally saw the memorial stones to those lost in the Holocaust that I had heard so much about over the years. They have a German name, stolperstein, or stolpersteine for theContinue reading “Understanding Stolpersteine Across Europe”

Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth

I’ve always known that when we travel, if we are paying attention, we can explore a deeper truth about humanity, history, and even how geography helps us get to the bottom of this truth. On the Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Central Europe, Jewels of the Bohemia, I saw both the best and the worstContinue reading “Traveling to Explore a Deeper Truth”